Physiotherapy palliative care in primary health care: theoretical essay

Talita de Oliveira Tatiana Barbieri Bombarda Cristiane Shinohara Moriguchi About the authors



The revision version of the National Primary Care Policy in 2017 included the Palliative Care (PC) among the services provided by Primary Health Care (PHC).


To produce a theoretical-reflexive essay about Physical Therapy in Palliative Care in PHC, considering the barriers to this approach.


The theoretical reflective course outlined in the present study, regarding the Physical Therapy practice in Palliative Care in the context of PHC, is based on a review of the scientific literature, guidelines of the PHC, and national and international palliative care documents.


The existing practitioner tensions may be related to the absence of the Palliative Care theme in the curricular curriculum of undergraduate courses in Physical Therapy, and to the organizational aspects of the work process in PHC.


In order to offer PC by physical therapists in PHC, it might be considered: a) the totality of perspectives and philosophy of CP in accordance with the guidelines of action in PHC among undergraduate phase, and b) the development of researches in this field of action in order to adapt the work process to guarantee integral care.

primary health care; palliative care; physical therapy specialty

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