Selection strategies in agronomic characters in progenies F3:4 of transgenic soy RR

Estratégias de seleção em caracteres agronômicos em progênies F3:4 de soja transgênica RR

Anna Regina Tiago Carneiro Osvaldo Toshiyuki Hamawaki Ana Paula Oliveira Nogueira Arthur Felipe Eustáquio e Silva Raphael Lemes Hamawaki Cristiane Divina Lemes Hamawaki About the authors


The selection indexes aggregate information to multiple characters and, with this, they are able to carry out the selection of a set of variables simultaneously. The objective was to verify the genetic potential of agronomic traits and to select soybean F3:4 progenies based on different selection strategies. 123 progenies and the parents were sown in randomized blocks with two replications. The gains of direct selection by the indexes, the sum of “ranks” and the genotype-ideotype were lower for all characters when compared to the gains of direct and indirect selection. The rank sum index stood out for achieving the highest total gain with 37.11%. The index of the genotype-ideotype obtained a lower gain (-0.48%) for the character number of days for flowering compared to the sum index of “ranks” (-0.54%) and reached a negative gain for the attribute insertion height of the first pod with -1.82%. The genetic potential of the F3:4 population is high and allows different selection strategies to be applied to reach superior genotypes. The progenies UFU 72, UFU 116, UFU 86, UFU 45, UFU 117, UFU 56, UFU 5, UFU 106, UFU 6, UFU 4, UFU 73, UFU 101, UFU 96, UFU 90, UFU 123, UFU 116, UFU 88, UFU 65, UFU 70, UFU 3, UFU 69 and UFU 37 were selected by both selection indexes. The UFU 72, UFU 90, UFU 88 and UFU 69 progenies are agronomically superior both in direct and indirect selection, as in Mulamba and Mock (1978) sum of “ranks” selections and genotype-ideotype.

Index terms:
Glycine max; selection index; genetic gain.

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