Evaluation of cavendish banana clones

Sebastião de Oliveira e Silva Elias Teixeira Pires Rosa Karla Nogueira Pestana Juliana da Silva Alves Dreid de Cerqueira Silveira About the authors

Somaclonal variations occur in bananas at greater rates compared to other crops, probably due to mitotic instability. The objective of the present research was to evaluate Cavendish banana clones collected from different sites. The 'Grand Naine' clones (G.N. Taperão, G.N. Rossete, G.N. Williams, G.N. Magário, G.N. SC-074) and 'Nanicão' (N. IAC Abóbora Verde, N. Rossete, N. SC-0008 and N. SC-063) collected from the states of São Paulo, Santa Catarina and Bahia, were evaluated at the Station 54-P of the Thelo Agricultural Production (Plena Group), in the Jaíba Project, Stage 1, in the city of Matias Cardoso-MG. The characteristics of the plant as height and pseudostem circumference, number of live leaves at flowering and harvesting, number of shoots, weight of bunch and hand, number of fruits and hands per bunch, fruit length and circumference, and the number of days from planting to flowering and harvest, were evaluated. Great similarity among the clone characteristics was observed. However, the results allowed to recommend the following clones: N. IAC Abóbora Verde and G.N. Williams.

Musa spp.; variability; spontaneous mutations

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