QTL detection of yield-related traits of cashew

Identificação de QTLs relacionados a caracteres de componentes de produção do cajueiro

The identification of quantitative trait loci (QTL) and marker-assisted selection with a view to breeding programs have aroused great interest, including for cashew improvement. This study identified QTL for yield-related traits: nut weight, male and hermaphrodite flowers. The traits were evaluated in 71 F1 genotypes of the cross CCP 1001 x CP 96. The methods of interval mapping and multiple QTL mapping were applied to identify QTL. Eleven QTL were detected: three for nut weight, four for male flowers and four for hermaphrodite flowers. The QTL accounted for 3.79 to 12.98 % of the total phenotypic variance and had phenotypic effects of -31.81 to 34.25 %. The potential for marker-assisted selection of the QTL hf-2f and hf-3m is great and the phenotypic effects and percentage of phenotypic variation higher than of the others.

Anacardium occidentale; genetic improvement; marked-assisted selection

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