Molecular characterization and genetic diversity of potato cultivars using SSR and RAPD markers

Caracterização molecular e diversidade genética de cultivares de batata utilizando marcadores SSR e RAPD

This study aimed to evaluate the genetic diversity and identify potato cultivars by RAPD and SSR markers. The genomic DNA of 16 potato cultivars was amplified with 25 RAPD primers that generated 92 polymorphic bands and 20 SSR primer pairs that produced 136 polymorphic bands. The dendrograms generated by cluster analysis distinguished the cultivars genetically although the dendrograms were not correlated in the comparison of the two markers used. The PIC values demonstrated the high information content of the primers used and 16 potato varieties were identified based on six RAPD primers and three SSR primer pairs. Thus, by means of RAPD and SSR markers the genetic diversity was assessed and the 16 commercial potato cultivars analyzed in this study were identified.

Solanum tuberosum; RAPD; microssatélites; diversidade genética

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