Recurrent selection of popcorn composites UEM-CO1 AND UEM-CO2 based on selection indices

Rafael Augusto Vieira Renato da Rocha Carlos Alberto Scapim Antonio Teixeira do Amaral JuniorAbout the authors


Selection indices were applied to data sets of 169 half-sib families of the popcorn composites UEM-Co1 and UEM-Co2 in four cycles of recurrent selection. From 2005 to 2008, the experiments were arranged in a 13 by 13 lattice square design, with two replications per cycle and composite. Genetic gains for popping expansion (PE) and grain yield (GY) were estimated based on several selection indices and truncation selection. The magnitude and balance of gains estimated for each trait by the indices were compared by an auxiliary statistical value (Ci). This value Ci consists of an arbitrary value, resulting from differences between the gains estimated for n traits by truncation selection and by index i. The indices of Subandi and Mulamba and Mock were the most promising to estimate high and balanced genetic gains for PE and GY in recurrent selection of half-sib popcorn families.

Key words:
Zea mays L.; multiple-trait selection; popping expansion; grain yield.

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