A genetic study of traits related to canopy coverage in common bean

Rafael Storto Nalin Magno Antonio Patto Ramalho Bruna Line Carvalho About the authors


In this study we aimed to investigate genetic control of the emergence speed index (ESI) and percentage of canopy coverage (PCC) in plants, and to evaluate whether these traits can be used to identify common bean plants that rapidly provide canopy coverage. Plants from a segregating population and progenies from a cross between a large leaf line and a small leaf line were evaluated. It was observed variability for ESI, however, the low magnitude of heritability indicates that the probability of success from selection is not high. The additive effect was predominant in genetic control of PCC. Nevertheless, this trait is highly affected by the genotype by environment interaction, which makes success from selection even more difficult. The association between ESI and PCC was also low. This information can guide decision making in programs that aim at fast canopy coverage in common bean.

Key words:
Plant breeding; Phaseolus vulgaris; weeds; genetic components

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