Pedagogue training and education in prisons: reflections about an experience

Marieta Gouvêa de Oliveira Penna Alexandre Filordi de Carvalho Luiz Carlos Novaes About the authors


The aim of this paper was to problematize teacher education in order to act in the new context stablished by the Brazilian National Curriculum Guidelines, using as reference the guidelines that guide and organize the Pedagogy courses and the offers of adult education in mainstream schools and prisons. In order to do so, based on research on that subject, the article brings out a theoretical and critical debate around the limits and possibilities involved in teaching at prisons, as well as the recruitment conditions of those teachers in the state of São Paulo, Brazil. The pedagogical training in a critical perspective was approached from the innovative experiment conducted at the Federal University of São Paulo.

Education in prisons; Adult education; Pedagogue training; Teaching practice; Educational policy

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