Participant evaluation of educational practices in health services

We carried out an experiment-study to assess the health educational practices used by the SUS municipal network (Campinas/SP) during the implementation of the Family Health Paideia. The 4th Generation Evaluation and the Popular Education in Health were used as a support. As it was a critical action-research, this participant evaluation gathered the three groups of interest involved in these practices (users, workers and managers). Based on collective interviews and focal groups within each group of interest and then among them, the results were validated at each step of the process, identifying contributions for changes and improvements. Self-reflection on those lived educational practices, clarification of the subjectivities, implications and differences among the involved parts, combined with the quantitative data, became devices for permanent education and health management, creating alternatives to properly evaluate everyday services.

Health education; Family health; Participant evaluation; Action research; Popular education in health

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