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Education that leads to work - work that leads to school: overcoming the dichotomy between education and work

Odair França de Carvalho About the author


Education in prisons was the subject of discussions in the Ministry of Education in 2000, in the context of the educational debate that incorporated groups and social movements, representatives of historically excluded segments of the public policies of the State. This paper presents reflections developed in a doctoral research whose goal was analyze educational experiences, developed by educators within the prison system schools of São Paulo, with the core experience developed by FUNAP. The results present positive points with regard to encouraging man arrested the experience and the possibility of building a new identity of-educator-and the struggle for the preservation of an area that seeks to resist the prison culture-school. The analysis indicates insecurity in training of educators revealing a public education and employment based from the exploitation of prison labor.

Education; Monitors Educators; Job

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