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Matrimonial bindings, traditional links: the family as selfconstitution in Câmara Cascudo

This paper aims to analyze the biography of Luís da Câmara Cascudo, trying to understand the historical and social foundations from which that folklorist legitimated positions about his father and mother and defined papers for men, women and family in the society of Northeastern Brazil. Therefore, Câmara Cascudo is not only what he says about himself, in his biographies and works, but also, what others said about him. His arguments are the result of relationships of multiples interests. It was by relating with the former and opposing the latter that this regionalist became a historical subject. Working with memory, understanding that it is not always a naive and disinterested elaboration, for being selective, we will analyze the constitution of the subject Câmara Cascudo and his other selves.

family; intersubjectivity; memory

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