Approximation to the relations between exclusion, production and territory

Carlos Fidel Raúl Di Tomaso Cristina Farias

To approach the problematic of production, crossed with social and economic aspects, in the territory of the Metropolitan Area of the City of Buenos Aires (in Spanish, ZMCBA) Methodology: The methodological way goes through the contextual presentation, continues in an analytical way, in territorial and thematic terms. The language develops itself around two main concepts: Production and Poverty. Both notions open broad and distinct lines for reflection and interpretation, most more or less compared. We will present a perspective of both "concepts" and will examine the possible relations that may be established between them. It ends with a series of suggestions that may serve as a trigger of new works or of possible concrete actions to better the lives of the inhabitants of the poorer areas.

production; poverty; exclusion; quality of life; territory

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