Quality of employment in the telecommunications post-privatization

This paper proposes a reflection about the quality of employment in the activities of telecommunications that recently underwent a privatization process in Brazil, characterizing a new business scenery, marked by technological innovations, commercial expansion and market competition. Regarding the new profile taken by the telecommunications sector, it is wondered what is the situation in the quality of employment in telecommunications almost one decade after the privatization.This paper used a longitudinal approach about the evolution of employment conditions in telecommunications in the period between 1994 and 2004 and a comparative analysis among the employment conditions in telecommunications and in the wider context in which it is inserted, in order to establish some reflections about the quality of the employment for the business scenery that appeared after the privatization. For that, some aspects are analyzed concerning the quality of employment, such as the behavior of dimensions like remuneration, time of employment, duration of the work day, kind of employment contract, the employees' education and women's insertion, and some contrasts among the activities of telecommunications and its wider context, the labor market of the services sector and the labor market in Brazil as a whole. The analysis of the situation of employment in the activity of telecommunications is based on the data available in the Annual Report of Social Information (in portuguese, RAIS) of Ministry of Labor and Employment of Brazil (in portuguese, MTE).

employment; quality of employment; restructuring of the telecommunications sector; privatization of the telecommunications sector; technological innovations

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