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Effect of simulataneous addition of seeds particles and dopants in the microstructure and dieletric propertie of the 0.93 PZN - 0.07 BT ceramic

The Pechini method as well as the simultaneous addition of seed particles and dopant solution of BaTiO3 were used to prepare the perovskite phase of lead zinc niobate (PZN). The calcined powders at 800 ° C/2 h and 900 ° C/1 h, which showed large amount of perovskite phase after calcining, were isostaticaly pressed and sintered at 1100 ° C/1 h. The way in which additives were added to the polymer (seeds or ions) influenced in the sintering process, microstructure and dielectric properties. The microstructure of ceramics obtained from powders containing 80% of additives as seeds and 20% as ions showed grains with well-defined crystalline planes. The largest mean size is about 2 mu m. Ceramic samples prepared with 80% of additives as seeds and 20% as ions showed better dielectric properties, and the highest dieletric constant is about 9100.

perovskite; PZN; ferrelectric

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