Adriane Brill Thum Ervandil Correia Costa About the authors


Aiming at studying Correidae types and quantity associated to different native forest species, insects were sampled in canopies of ten botanical species at a forest border in Caibaté, RS, (Brazil) from August 1993 to July 1995. The insects were collected every fifteen days, by using a conical funnel made of tin can (2 mm) which has 70 cm diameter in the biggest opening and 63 cm of height. It was taken a sample from each botanical species and each date of collect after ten shakes of plant branches over the funnel. The insects were taken to Entomology Laboratory of Phytossanitary Defense Department, UFSM, where insect selection and identification were done. It was identified eleven (11) species of Coreidae. Jadera sanguinolenta was the species with the highest number of specimens. Casearia sylvestris was the botanical species which hosted the highest number of species and insects . Myrocarpus frondosus did not host any Coreidae species.

Key words:
Coreidae; entomofauna; forest species

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