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Crowded hybrid panel manufactured with peanut hulls reinforced with Itaúba wood particles

Guilherme Barbirato Juliano Fiorelli Núbia G. Barrero Eliria Maria de Jesus Agnolon Pallone Francisco Antonio Rocco Lahr André Luis Cristoforo Holmer Savastano JuniorAbout the authors

In this paper, it was considered the study of the potential use of peanut hulls and wood particles of itaúba (Mezilaurus itauba) species in order to add value to these materials through the manufacture of hybrid particle board in order to compare the physical and mechanical performances as well as durability. For these procedures, it was used the bi-component polyurethane resin based on castor beans (mammon) oil and urea-formaldehyde. The product quality was evaluated based on the requirements of the standards NBR 14.810:2006 APA PRP and 108, through physico-mechanical and microstructural durability. The results indicate that the incorporation of wood particles warrants an increase in physical-mechanical properties of the particleboard manufactured with peanut hulls, the polyurethane resin based on castor oil was effective as a particle adhesive binder and the durability assay indicated that the material should be used under conditions of low exposure to moisture.

waste; peanut hulls; wood particles

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