Social and digital inclusion of people with visual impairment and the use of information and communication technologies in the creation of Internet pages

Lizandra Brasil Estabel Eliane Lourdes da Silva Moro Lucila Maria Costi Santarosa About the authors

This work reports the activity of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) access and use having as subject a Person with Special Education Needs (PSENs) in the production of Internet pages. That activity has enabled the observation of obstacles and difficulties both faced and overcome through the use of an Environment of Learning Mediated by Computer (ELMC). A number of alternatives and communication modes as well as appropriate technologies have been used in order to work the proposed activity out. It has brought about a posture of sharing, through which each person has a lot to cooperate and to donate in a search for a collective construction and overcome limitations, whether physical or technological. The article points out that through education and ICT usage the social and digital inclusion of PSENs with visual impairment is possible.

Informatics in special education; Information and communication technologies; Social and digital inclusion

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