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The professional education in the XXI century: challengs and dilemmas

Edna Lúcia da Silva Miriam Vieira da Cunha About the authors

Reflection on education in the 21th century with special attention on librarians' education. It emphasizes the four basic points, praised by Unesco, to a new concept of education: to learn to know, to learn to live together, to learn to do and to learn to be. It presents the points developed by Morin, for UNESCO, that will be able to improve the education of the future. On the bases of such points examine the role of librarians education in 21th century. The educators' dilemas in these times are centered in three questions: What to teach? How to teach? and Why to teach? It suggests that the Librarianship curricula must privilegie librarians' educative role and that this role must be founded in a set of values in order to modify perceptions, and emphasize cooperation in detriment of technology. The paper concludes that the most important function of librarians in 21th century will be the one of information managers.

Librarians' education; Information professionals

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