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Teacher training: reflections about the curricular stage

Jeâni Kelle Landre Rosa Célia Weigert Ana Cristina Gonçalves de Abreu Souza About the authors

This article presents some discussions and thoughts about the importance and role of curricular internship in the practical training in the Biological Sciences. With the analysis of the students from 7th and 9th semester's curricular internship, we identified the favorable and unfavorable points and suggestions for improving the quality of it. The survey of supervised internship's reality and problems was done through two qualitative methods: documental analysis (field journal and narratives) and questions. With the help of specialized literature, we can deepen the comprehension of the articulation mechanisms between theory and practical in the pupils' daily experience, which could contribute to building a more coherent curriculum related to the reality of classroom in elementary education.

Curricular internship; Teacher training; Higher education; Science education; Biology teaching

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