Astronomy education: investigating aspects of social and environmental awareness of light pollution with a thematic approach

Fabiana Andrade de Oliveira Rodolfo Langhi About the authors

This paper presents the development of a thematic sequence, whose theme was Light Pollution. It was applied in a group of students at high school to investigate aspects of social and environmental awareness that could be promoted based on this theme. We followed some assumptions from the perspective of a Freirean Thematic Approach, in which the Theme must represent a problem for students. This sequence was structured from a specific local problem: the lack of street lighting in the region around the school of these students. The activities developed by the students during the classes and the observations by the researcher diary were analyzed through Discourse and Textual Analysis. We obtained as results: the students are unaware of light pollution and its effects under the night sky; they aren't concerned about issues relating to the environment; they construct progressive notions about the light pollution; we noticed some resistance from students against this dialogical teacher practice.

Astronomy education; Social and environmental awareness; Light pollution; Discoursive textual analysis; High School

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