Nature of Science (NOS): Beyond the “Consensus View”

Nelson Rui Ribas Bejarano Agustín Aduriz-Bravo Carolina Santos Bonfim About the authors


This article aims to discuss the importance of NOS (Nature of Science) in the training of science teachers and science teaching in general. This is a pivotal discussion because it is assumed that knowing about science is as important as knowing the contents of science. We understand, from the outset, that NOS is a set of meta-theoretical knowledge or “views” that deal with the various characteristics of science, either from the internal point of view (its methods and its theories) or its eminently cultural and social character. After all, which NOS points are essential for teacher training? We found arguments in Allchin and Hodson that support the use of Whole Science rather than consensus lists, which are much more common in teacher education and science teaching. Finally, we present an example of Whole Science use in the form of a fictional story, in which many points of NOS can be explored in teaching.

Nature of science; Science education; Teacher training

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