Deliberative democracy in Brazil: The expansion of a concentrated field

Rodrigo Rossi Horochovski Augusto Clemente Junior Rafael Cardoso Sampaio Ricardo Fabrino Mendonça About the authors


This scientometric study describes the central characteristics of the production on deliberative democracy present in highly qualified Brazilian academic journals and identifies the most relevant institutional poles, in order to outline this research field. By means of social network analysis (SNA), the study also aims at mapping relationships within the field to understand their structures and hierarchies. Our analytical corpus comprehends articles released between 2000 and 2016 in journals indexed on Scielo (Scientific Electronic Library Online). The main results are the quantitative growth of production over the analyzed period as well as the improvement of co-authorship pari passu that of empirical research; the geographical and institutional concentration; and, the distribution of production in different areas of knowledge, but with a preponderance of Political Science and low articulation between different disciplines.

Deliberative democracy; Scientometrics; Social network analysis; Scielo

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