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Primary perineal posterior hernia: an abdominoperineal approach for mesh repair of the pelvic floor

Hérnia perineal posterior primária: um acesso abdômino-perineal para o reforço do assoalho pélvico com tela

Spontaneous development of perineal hernias is a very rare condition and many techniques have been described for repairing the floor defect. The authors describe the use of a combined approach in the surgical treatment of primary perineal hernias, by reconstructing the muscle pelvic floor and restoring the rectum to its sacral position with mesh repair. The case of one patient with a huge primary perineal hernia is reported, with clinical manifestations of progressive bulging in the buttock area, obstipation and fecal incontinence. Long-term follow-up has shown no recurrence of the condition and normal bowel function. It is concluded that primary perineal hernia can be repaired by a combined surgical approach, by using prosthetic material.

Perineal hernia; Abdominoperineal approach; Rectopexy; Pelvic floor hernia; Mesh repair

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