Description of training loads using whole-body exercise during high-intensity interval training

Alexandre F. Machado Alexandre L. Evangelista João Marcelo Q. Miranda Cauê V. La Scala Teixeira Roberta Luksevicius Rica Charles R. Lopes Aylton Figueira-Júnior Julien S. Baker Danilo S. Bocalini About the authors


To describe external training load and internal training load through sets of a single session of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) body work.


Twenty male individuals (24±3 years) performed a HIIT body work protocol consisting of a single bout of exercise with 1:1 stimuli. The exercises used were 30 min in duration with “all-out” intensity. The exercises included jumping jacks, mountain climbers, burpees and squat jumps, totaling 20 min of exercise. During exercise, total movement capacity, blood lactate measurement, ratings of perceived exertion and recovery, training load and intensity were monitored.


The single bout examined showed a total of 382±89 movements. Differences (p<0.01) in the total amount of movement for each exercise were noted, reflecting the difficulty of maintaining exercise over time. Increases in lactate concentrations (before: 0.98±0.16, after: 14.10±1.66; mmol/L) were found postexercise. Significant differences (p<0.01) were found after the fifth set, and the values for movement capacity remained higher than the values of the first set, demonstrating high load in a single session. No differences in ratings of perceived exertion (RPE) during the sets were found. However, the ratings of perceived recuperation from the second set were significantly (p<0.01) lower than those from the first set.


The exercise protocol used in this study was of high intensity and produced large values for stress during performance, with increases recorded for the internal load indicators.

Whole-Body Exercise; Training Monitoring; High-Intensity Interval Training

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