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Brief essay on the problem of teaching philosophy


In this article, I intend to discuss the teaching of philosophy as a genuinely philosophical problem, but one that is neglected as such in a good part of the degree courses in philosophy, as well as in a good part of the so-called philosophical production in Brazil. I establish a fundamental relationship between philosophical practice and classroom teaching. I defend teaching in philosophy as a philosophical call that summons teachers and students as thinkers, even if this does not take place in concrete reality. There cannot be a truly philosophical teaching of philosophy if teachers do not place themselves, in the classroom, as real thinkers, much more than mere transmitters highly trained in the use of instruments and tools to transmit historical concepts and students who are disposed to the typical problematization of philosophical activity. In this sense, the philosophy classroom must be, above all, a space for what I will call philosophical activity.

Teaching philosophy; Philosophical Activity; Classroom; teaching

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