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Post-critical research on education in Brazil: outlining a map

The theoretical currents we know under the post-structuralism and the post-modernism labels have deeply influenced theorization and research in several social and human fields in the last years; an influence that has been equally felt in educational research in Brazil. The combined effects of these currents, possibly synthesized in the so-called "linguistic turn", are expressed in what is conventionally named "post-critical theories in education". As a whole, these theories use a number of conceptual tools, analytical operations, and investigative processes which differentiate them both from the traditional and from the critical theories which preceded them. This article discusses the effects of these theories on Brazilian educational research. Outlining a kind of field map of post-critical studies in education in Brazil, this article shows the beginning of post-critical discussions in the Brazilian educational field, addresses the key issues explored by these studies and indicates the main pathways they laid out, describing expansions, fractures, achievements, and breakthroughs produced in the Brazilian educational field.


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