Oppression in schools: bullying among students in basic education

Cíntia Santana e Silva Bruno Lazzarotti Diniz Costa About the authors


The article examines the phenomenon of bullying among students in basic education (elementary-middle school and high school) in Minas Gerais' public schools. The empirical analysis relies on data obtained from 5,300 students and 243 teachers during 2012 and 2013. The data has been analyzed based on general linear hierarchical models. The probability of incidence of bullying was estimated based on a two-level structure, one looking at individuals and one at schools. The findings that show the distribution of bullying are explained, on an individual level, by the quality of the bond between student and school and by the practice of deviant behaviors; and on the school level, by contextual characteristics such as the general sense of satisfaction, quality of teacher-student relationships and methods of conflict restraint.

Bullying; Schools; Basic Education

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