Teachers' professional readings and appropriation of academic-educational knowledge

The article focus on processes related to the current movement towards teaching "universitarization", seeking to characterize the modes by which first to four grade teachers read academic-educational texts and got hold of them, within a continuing education context. An ethnographic approach was adopted and the data were collected in two poles of the Continuing Education Program - PEC - University Education (São Paulo, Brazil). It has been observed that the role of several mechanisms within such contexts, as well as the texts read, favoured the implementation of a "new reading pattern" among the teachers. On the other hand, the attitudes and procedures adopted by them suggested the existence of a professional reading peculiar to teachers, characterized, among other aspects, by a practical rationality which enabled teachers to subvert the order of the discourses in the texts. The centrality of the knowledge and practical interests of the teachers for the configuration of their professional readings reaffirm the importance of the pedagogical culture shared in the teaching profession both as a source of knowledge more appropriate for teaching and as the core for teacher education.


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