Differences and inequalities in negotiation: race, sexuality and gender in recent academic productions

Laura Moutinho About the author

Many of the recent reflections on the production of difference and analysis of social inequality have been putting forth the articulation between the so called "social markers of difference". In this broad field - that involves debates on differential rights, acknowledgement policies, the production of new sensibilities, and at the same time the reformulation of past forms of exclusion - the intersection between race, nation, sexuality and gender is high lightened. The aim of this article is to reflect on the ways a set of markers of difference have been used in academic debates and recent policies. More specifically, the article will focus on three axes: 1) the rebuilding of the national States and of certain national representations; 2) the field of human rights: from the regulation to the construction of the subject of rights; 3) the subjective identities, the room for agency, the care of the self and the new or renewed networks of sociability.

Social Markers of Difference; Interseccionality; Race; Miscigenation/Nation; Sexuality and Gender

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