Narratives of readers of the magazine Capricho: memory and subjectivity (1950 and 1960)

This paper aims to present the possibility of a magazine, for the female public, serving as a "place of memory" (Pierre Nora). In order to do this, a group was formed with three female readers of the magazine Capricho (1950 to 1960), where they could browse magazine copies of the mentioned time. This method provided a glimpse of an access, through the journals, memoirs and narratives, to the aspects related to the history of women and of gender relations. Through this experience advertising was shown as an important "place of memory", enabling reflection on the participation of advertisements in the constitution of subjectivities of women and men of a generation. The memories brought by several readers pointed to the diversity of possibilities in the constitution of subjectivities, even within the same season.

Gender; Women's Magazine; Memory; Subjectivity

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