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Women and their houses: ethnographic thoughts on Brazil and South Africa

Antonádia Borges About the author

The present article raises epistemological questions upon two different ethnographic experiences, in Brazil and in South Africa. Both research experiences are focused on women who develop along with their homes an imaginative relationship, challenging modernist perspectives on how to inhabit this world. Our main concern here is to animate further thoughts on how we as anthropologists could learn from our hosts' methods and theories.

Gender; Housing Policies; Home; Brazil; South Africa

Núcleo de Estudos de Gênero - Pagu Universidade Estadual de Campinas, PAGU Cidade Universitária "Zeferino Vaz", Rua Cora Coralina, 100, 13083-896, Campinas - São Paulo - Brasil, Tel.: (55 19) 3521 7873, (55 19) 3521 1704 - Campinas - SP - Brazil