This paper analyzes statements on bodies and sexuality in a line of porn productions with obese women. In that filmography, the focus is not on genitals and buttocks (generally not exposed), but in the stomachs of the women. The pornographic representation consists in showing fat women eating fat food. Penis or any other object penetration in the vagina, typical in mainstream pornography, is substituted by the penetration of food in these women's mouths. The author asks: are these scenes really pornographic? What lies behind them? And concludes that it would be another form of presenting feminine pleasure besides submission to phallic Power. The paper also examines the reasons why this kind of pornography does not include black women, the controversial relations of feeders to feedees, as well as many kinds of transgressions presented in fat porn: one would be the inversion the values attributed to slim bodies and their pleasures.

Body; Sexuality; Obese Women

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