"Show yourself up, make a zine!": an ethnography about feminist "paperzines" created by "minas do rock" (São Paulo, 1996-2007)

In this article, resulting from research about "cena das minas do rock" between 2007 and 2010, my intention was to present an ethnography about the paper publications by women involved in the "cena", known as fanzines or zines. Analyzing such publications I present a reflection on young women's expression manners and feminist practices, and how they find a particular language at zines. Meantime, I hope to contribute to the production of knowledge concerned with the way speeches and feminist practices are re-appropriated by young women from the contexts where they were set. The bunch of analyzed zines comprehends 1996 to 2007 period and were produced by groups and women placed at quite diverse sites at the "cena", also giving accounts of the diversity that marks this political and cultural movement related to youth.

Gender; Generation; Feminism; Youth; Fanzine

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