The effect of sex: race, gender and miscegenation politics

This article discusses political and theoretical implications of miscegenation as a discursive formation, which engenders in its center the idealized character of the mestizo - mulatto. Secondly, it takes the concrete case of two racialized gender figures in the context of the so called re-Africanization of culture and politics in Salvador, Brazil: brau and black beauty. The first, a hyper-sexualized male performance, characterized by youth vernacular re-readings of the funk-soul "culture", and the second, an ideal of woman and female beauty oscillating between identity politics and subjectification forms defined by the relationship with the consumer market. In both cases there is a game constructed from a practical critique of the "truth regime" of miscegenation.

Miscegenation; Reafricanization; Black Beauty; Brau

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