"Gender" for a marxist dictionary: the sexual politics of a word

The misadventures of the Author in writing about a "key-word" for a famous marxist dictionary are recounted here. In her own words: "Also, even if Marx and Engels - or Gayle Rubin, for that matter - had not ventured into sexology, medicine, or biology for their discussions of sex/gender or the woman question, I knew I would have to do so. At the same time, it was clear that other BIG currents of modern feminist writing on sex, sexuality, and gender interlaced constantly with even the most modest interpretation of my assignment. Most of those, perhaps especially the French and British feminist psychoanalytic and literary currents, do not appear in my entry on Geschlecht. In general, the entry below focuses on writing by US feminists. This is not a trivial scandal."

Gender; Marxism; Feminist theory; American feminist theory

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