A poetics of the name: Maria Moreno's "beginnings" in the mid-eighties in the argentinean cultural context

This paper analyses the newspaper alfonsina and the supplement "La Mujer" of Tiempo Argentino, two contemporary Argentinean feminist publications, directed by Maria Moreno. Both arise at the beginning of the eighties, marked by the decline of military dictatorship and the political, institutional and cultural revival of democratic transition. In that context, Moreno chooses to challenge in both journals - which claimed to be forerunners with respect to the traditions of journalism for women - her own "beginnings". They involve "necessary" negotiations relative to the same feminine subject that at the time seemed to have to either splinter or ideologically resort to gender reversibility in order to authorize her "entry into writing".

María Moreno; Self-figuration; Feminist Press; Argentina (XXth. Century)

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