Unveiling Sexes, Producing Genders: the promotion of scientific discoveries of oxytocin* * Translated by Jeffrey Hoff. This article presents partial results of the Project “Processos de subjetivação, transformações corporais e produções de gênero via a promoção e consumo de recursos biomédicos” [Processes of subjectivation, corporal transformation and productions of gender via the promotion and consumption of biomedical resources (CNPq), coordinated by Fabíola Rohden. We would like to thank the collaboration of Felipe Cavalcanti Ferrari (scientific initation grantee).

Fabíola Rohden Fernanda Vecchi Alzuguir About the authors


Given the relationship between gender and science in the broad context of medicalization of male and female sexuality, this article discusses the promotion of oxytocin as a new technological artifact that is capable of commanding explanations of both supposed biological differences between the sexes and expectations for individual betterment. The research focuses on the dissemination of scientific discoveries about oxytocin in different media vehicles in Brazil. It presents how the celebration of oxytocin as a central component of a biochemistry of love is part of a broader process of fabricating two distinct and complementary hormonal bodies, which are at the service of reproduction.

Sexuality; Gender; Medications; Oxytocin; Hormones

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