Effective accelerations in the seat-interface operator of an tractor

Marivan da Silva Pinho José Fernando Schlosser Ulisses Giacomini Frantz Marcelo Silveira Farias Daniel Uhry Rodrigo Lampert Ribas About the authors

This research has the main objective to analyze the magnitude of efficient accelerations on the seat-operator interface, using three adjustment knob positions, two scarification depths, two displacement speeds and three different ballast settings. The experiment was held at the Federal University of Santa Maria through a subdivided portion experimental design, with four repetitions and 144 experimental units. A agricultural tractor was used with 63kW of power on the engine (63kW) attached to the chisel plow. The information was recorded by the accelerometers that were installed on the seat-operator interface. It was concluded that the magnitude of efficient accelerations obtained on the seat-operator interface in all the 36 individual tests stayed above the comfort limit on the frequency of 1 to 80Hz, established by the standard (International Organization for Standardization 2631-1: 1997) for daily eight hour exposure.

tractor; effective acceleration; seat.

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