Physical - chemical and microbiologic aspects from the urine of culled sows

Regiani Nascimento Gagno Pôrto Jurij Sobestiansky Moema Pacheco Chediak Matos Maria Lúcia Gambarini About the authors

The present study describes the physical-chemical alterations of the urine and identifies etiological agents of the urine of 35 sows. Out of 35 samples, 16 (45.7%) were positive for nitrite and/or blood, positive for urinary infection (UI); eight (50%) were dark yellow and six (37.5%) had clear yellow coloration; in two (12.5%) samples did not show any alteration. Ten samples had ammonia smell, seven among them were positive for UI. Other findings were turbid urine and turbid with grumes, normal pH values (5.5 - 6.5) and densities higher than 1012. Microorganisms were isolated in 91.5% out of 35 urine samples, with prevalence of Escherichia coli (45.7%). In 11 samples (31.4%) Actinobaculum suis was isolated, four were simultaneously positive for UI and Actinobaculum suis; seven were negative for UI, but it was observed the presence of Actinobaculum suis in the indirect immunofluorescence.

sows; urinary infection; Actinobaculum suis; physical-chemical aspects of urine

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