Chicory yield under levels of nitrogen fertirrigation and position of drip hoses on the ridge

In this research the objective was to evaluate the effects of different levels nitrogen fertirrigation on yield and agronomic characteristics of chicory plants irrigated by drip.The experimental design was a randomized block in split plot with two ways of using drip hoses on the ridge (on the surface and subsurface of soil) and six levels of nitrogen, 0, 30, 60, 90, 120 and 150kg ha-1.The hose layout affected the yield fresh weight only with better results obtained with subsurface irrigation.The yield and agronomic characteristics of chicory were influenced by nitrogen levels applied in irrigation water in the two forms of hoses disposition in the beds. The best economic efficiency of fertilization was obtained with 30kg N ha-1 in both forms of drip hoses disposition.

drip irrigation; urea; Cichorium intybus

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