Chanter model: nonlinear modeling of the fruit growth of cocoa

Modelo Chanter: modelagem não linear do crescimento de frutos do cacaueiro

Pollyane Vieira da Silva Taciana Villela Savian About the authors


The growth of plants and animals can be described through a growth curve. This curve is given by the equation of a nonlinear model, such as the Logistic model and the Gompertz model. The objective of this study was to adjust the Chanter model, as well as Logistic and Gompertz, using a set of cocoa (clone Sial-105) fruit whose length and diameter measurements were evaluated from 30 to 180 days after pollination, every 15 days. The Chanter model is a hybrid between the Logistic model and Gompertz model whose parameters can be interpreted similarly. A comparison of the quality of fit between the models was made using the following statistical measures: the Akaike’s information criterion (AIC), the Akaike’s weights criterion, Bayesian information criterion (BIC), residual standard deviation (RSD),the adjusted coefficient of determination (R²aj) and the measures of non-linearity Box’s bias and curvature of Bates and Watts. It was verified that the Chanter model is the most suitable one among the studied models for modeling the cocoa data.

Key words:
nonlinear regression; Chanter model; nonlinearity and cocoa fruits measures

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