Estimative of Black Pepper leaf area with basis on the leaf blade linear dimension

Estimativa da área foliar de pimenta do reino a partir de dimensões lineares do limbo foliar

Fábio Luiz Partelli Henrique Duarte Vieira Alexandre Pio Viana About the authors

This research was aimed at establishing regression equations to estimate black pepper (Piper nigrum) leaf area based on linear leaf measures. Different black pepper varieties where growth on the field, four different size leaves were collected per plant with a total of 52 leaves to establish the regression equation and 28 to validate the equation for each variety (Bragantina, Laçará, Guajarina e Cingapura). Leaf midrib length (LML), maximum leaf broad width (MLBW) and leaf area (LA) were measured. Pearson's linear correlation coefficients were determined between observed and predicted measures with the observed LA, besides estimating the linear regression equation for each variety. The equations best-fitted to estimate LA based on circumscript rectangle were: 1) LA = 2.2689 + 0.6900 x LML x MLBW; 2) LA = 1.6402 + 0.6816 x LML x MLBW; 3) LA = 1.4942 + 0.6215 x LML x MLBW and 4) LA = 0.7467 + 0.6735 x LML x MLBW, for Bragantina, Laçará, Guajarina and Cingapura varieties respectively. For all equations predicted values had high correlation coefficient with observed values thus showing that these equations must be variety specific and that they are appropriate for black pepper leaf area estimative.

Piper nigrum; morphologic characters; leaf length and width; circumscript rectangle

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