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Technical inspection of agricultural sprayers: historic and importance

The technical inspection projects of agricultural sprayers have been carried out in several countries for a long time, aiming to obtain information and guideusers of this equipment. Considering the search for minor human health and environmental contamination during the use of pesticides as well as the importance of high efficiency applications, these projects are implemented in regions where they have not been done. In this way, the projects will work as an aid for users and inspection of conservation and use of sprayers. Although Brazil is an agricultural country, there is not a policy directed towards this kind of project. Such a policy would come to the crop producer's aid by optimizing applications of pesticides. Furthermore, it would not only decrease environment contamination but also provide humanity with healthier food. This project has already been accomplished in several Brazilian universities, which proves the importance of its compulsory and periodical implementation on the equipments. The aim of this review was to describe the history, the scope, the ways of accomplishment and results obtained with these projects in several nations, drawing attention to the importance of technical inspections regulation in Brazil. Taking into account the positive result obtained with inspections in several countries, the great number and the precarious conditions of equipment used in Brazil - already proved in national projects - the regulation of technical inspections of sprayers in the country is essential.

agricultural engineering; agricultural machines; spraying; evaluation

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