Germination test under water restriction to evaluate sunflower seeds vigor

Camila Santos Barros Claudia Antonia Vieira Rossetto About the authors

Different vigour tests have been used to classify seed lot. The aim was to evaluate the effect of different sunflower seeds (achenes= pericarp + seed) using the germination test under water restriction and to correlate the results of this methodology with other vigour tests. Five sunflower lots were studied and were evaluated firstly by the germination test and vigour tests. After, the seed lots was submitted to germination test under water restriction. Seeds were distributed on paper substrate moistened with a PEG 6000 solution by the -0.3 and -0.6MPa. The germination under -0.6MPa, after 10 days, was efficient in the detection of physiological quality differences between sunflower seed lot. The result of the germination test under -0.6MPa by 10 days correlates significantly with the results of the IVE test, seedling emergence test, the first counting test and aging test.

germination; Helianthus annuus L; water potential; physiological quality

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