Sodium, potassium and glucose serum levels changes in dogs with endotoxic shock

In order to evaluate sodium, potassium and glucose serum levels changes in dogs with septic shock, thirty-five young dogs of both sexes presenting hemorragic gastroenteritis and signs of septic shock were studied. Hypokalemia was observed in 74.2%, hypoglicemia in 57.1% and mild hyponatremia in 60% of the animals. Two hours after therapy (Ringer’s sodium lactate solution and glucose), glucose serum levels increased, but hypokalemia was still present. This study revealed that the therapy was effective to increase the glucose serum levels but, it was not able to correct the hypocalemia, and therefore, this ion have to be add in order to obtain success in the treatment of this condition.

septic shock; potassium; sodium; glucose; gastroenteritis; dogs

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