Acute toxicity of nitrite to matrinxã, Brycon cephalus (Günther, 1869), (Teleostei-Characidae)

Toxicidade aguda ao nitrito em matrinxã, Brycon cephalus (Günther, 1869), (Teleostei-Characidae)

Ive Marchioni Avilez Lucia Helena de Aguiar Alexandre Eneas Altran Gilberto Moraes About the authors

Nitrite leads to many physiological and hematological disturbances followed by lethality. This work reports the lethal concentration of nitrite to juvenile matrinxã. Experiments were done at 24ºC, pH 6.7-7.0 under natural photoperiod. Fish were exposed to 0.2- 0.5- 1.0 and 2.0mg L-1 of nitrite N-NO2 for 96h. The 96-h LC50 of nitrite-N was calculated by the trimmed Spearman-Karber method (0.86±0.05mg L-1; 0.57-1.30 to 95%CI) and it was concluded that matrinxã is very sensitive to environmental nitrite. Therefore, care must be taken to prevent accumulation of nitrite in intensive culture systems of matrinxã.

LC50; nitrite; matrinxã; Brycon cephalus; toxicity

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