A rare retrobulbar and chiasmal meningioma in a dog

Meningioma raro retrobulbar e de quiasma óptico em cão

Graciane Aiello Angel Ripplinger Marcelo Luís Schwab Dênis Antonio Ferrarin Júlia da Silva Rauber Walter Cardozo Areco Mariana Martins Flores Alexandre Mazzanti About the authors


A 14-year-old female Dachshund was referred to a veterinary hospital with a history and signalment of head pressing, compulsive walking, and right circling. At ophthalmologic examination, a mature cataract and absence of photomotor reflex in the right eye were observed. The neurological exam revealed multifocal encephalic signs. At necropsy, a conical solid tan mass was observed involving the right optic nerve throughout its extension to the optic chiasm. Histopathological findings confirmed a retrobulbar papillary meningioma, considered rare and seldom included as differential diagnosis in patients with neurological signs.

Key words:
ocular neoplasm; papillary meningioma; central nervous system; canine

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