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Cowpea severe mosaic virus CPSMV as a carrier molecule to p28 from caprine arthritis-encephalitis virus-CAEV

Caprine arthritis-encephalitis virus (CAEV) belongs to Retroviridae family, Lentivirus genus. This virus infects caprine all over the world causing arthritis, encephalitis, mammitis and progressive emaciating. This research showed chimera's building made by mixing up CAEV p28, with glutaraldehyde, and CPSMV, purified through the chromotography in biogel and sephadex (G-150). After that, some measures in a spectrophometric were developed to absorbance at 280nm. Peaks, which contained chimera, were collected and submitted to SDS-PAGE, evidencing the band relative to itself. Groups of swiss mice were immunized with chimeric virus, purified CPSMV and with p28 protein using incomplete Freund Adjuvant. CPSMV and p28 specific antibodies recognized chimeric protein in Western Blotting and ELISA showing the efficacy of the method. The results showed the covalent coupling between CPSMV and CAEV p28 was successfully archieved, originating a stable molecule, which no disestablished the capside from CPSMV. Besides, it showed that chimeric virus presents more immunogenicity than protein p28 isolated. It's suggesting CPSMV can be used as a carrier molecule in the production of vaccines to the virus, which infect animals.

CPSMV; p28; CAEV; chimeric; covalent bind; immunization

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