Water levels in the culture of kalanchoe grown in protected

The research about the leaf development is very important to evaluate the plants growth and development. The objective of this research was to verify the different level consequences about the irrigation water manner in the leaf growth and the number of the Kalanchoe leaves. The experimental search used was completely randomized, with eight treatments, they consisted in 15; 13; 11; 9; 8; 6; 4 e 2mm irrigation in ten repetitions. The plants leaf area was calculated by the area of each leaf, multiplied by the coefficient of 1.1134. The results showed that the irrigation length between 6 and 9mm showed a bigger leaf growth and more leaves in each plant; the biggest technical efficiency was found with 6.68 and 8.59mm length, to each leaf area and the leaves number in leaf/plant, respectively. In a water condition deficit the Kalanchoe reduces a lot the leaf transversal growth related to the longitudinal.

leaf growth; fortune flower; irrigation length

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