Physiological potential of sunflower seeds as by the artificial moistening

Ludmila Fonseca da Silva Claudia Antonia Vieira Rossetto About the authors

The objective of this study was to evaluate the sunflower seeds physiological quality after hydration by the moist atmosphere and moist substrate methods at temperatures of 10 and 20°C aiming to the water content of seeds at 15, 20 and 25%. The initial physiological quality and after the wetting of the seeds was determined by testing germination and vigor (first count of germination, germination at low temperature, emergence speed index and seedling emergence in sand, dry weight and length of seedlings). The method of moist substrate at 10°C to increase the water content at 15 and 20% was positive for moistening the seeds of high quality, although it has been observed small decrease seedling vigor.

Helianthus annus L.; imbibition; germination; vigor; moisture

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